Jag låter bilderna tala för sig själv. Whitney och Ben är bara så otroligt söta tillsammans. (Ute och promenerar i West Village)

Datum: 2010-05-30 Tid: 19:41:31
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Jag kan tänka mig att dessa tjejerna älskar olika galor, för på sistonde så har dom närvaradt vid flera styckten. Här har ni bilder från igår när Whitney och Roxy närvarade vid den 32 AAFA American Image Awards.

Datum: 2010-05-28 Tid: 12:39:07
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Whitney ute i LA

Whitney Port ute i LA den 16 Maj..

Jag bara älskar hennes väska. Snyggt!

Datum: 2010-05-24 Tid: 16:31:00
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Executive Woman Beauty Awards

Den 21 Maj så närvarade Whitney på Executive Woman Beauty Awards som hölls på Waldorf-Astoria.

På eventet fanns det kändisasr som Selita Ebanks, Mario Cantone och Estelle.

Datum: 2010-05-23 Tid: 14:36:25
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Whitney ute i NYC

Whitney var ute med några vänner den 19/5 för att äta middag tillsammans

Datum: 2010-05-21 Tid: 11:21:58
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Twitter Whitney

Whitney tweeted:
"On my way to film at a party! Wearing marc jacobs"

Datum: 2010-05-21 Tid: 11:19:30
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Whitney hos Ryan Seacrest

Whitney var med hos Ryan häromdagen, där kan man bl.a. höra hur hon snackar om Olivia, Speidi och henes pojkvän. klicka här för att lyssna.

Datum: 2010-05-16 Tid: 12:47:21
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Whintey på "Dish" Intervju

Datum: 2010-05-15 Tid: 15:43:08
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Intervju med Whitney

It’s tough to be a memorable character in the revolving door world of reality TV. Tougher still to be memorable in a way that wouldn’t make your parents cringe. But anyone who has caught even a single MTV scene with intern-turned-designer Whitney Port, either on vintage episodes of The Hills, where we first met her back in 2006, or on her current show, The City, knows right away there’s something very different about her.
She’s…nice. Like, authentically, at her core, not just doing it for the cameras, nice.
It’s because of this that when we watch her, we hate it when we see her get the short end of someone else’s drama—which, unfortunately, is often—and whether it’s in love or in the war that is the fashion industry, we really, really root for her. As does Bravo reality star, author, and People’s Revolution founder, Kelly Cutrone, who, in a cameo on The City two weeks ago demonstrated that in an uncharacteristically moving moment (don’t pretend you didn’t tear up) with the 25-year-old after her first runway show during Fashion Week at Bryant Park.
After speaking with Whitney this afternoon on everything from the inspirations behind her SS10 and FW10 collections to her love for all things Alex Wang, I can say with some degree of authority that she really is the kind girl you see on your screen every Tuesday, and the kind of girl you’d want in your corner.
Enjoy! —Johanna Cox
Last September, you got the chance to see your first Whitney Eve collection come down the runway at Bryant Park. Describe how that felt.
It was crazy. I felt like I blacked out or something, like it just happened in an instant, and then it was over. You put in all this effort—you realize when you’re backstage that fashion isn’t just fun and games—and then you get to see all your hard work come to fruition. It was overwhelming and very emotional.
That first collection, Spring 2010, what was the concept behind it?
It was Alice in Wonderland goes to a cocktail party. I wanted a fairy tale aesthetic to the pieces but also make them very wearable. It was a very LA-inspired collection, whereas my Fall 2010 was more New York-influenced.
Was there any crossover from your first collection to your second?
No, it was a more of a departure. It was still feminine but also kind of glam rock, which was very different from my first collection. Coming from LA, I’m not used to layering or the kind of heavy textures you wear in a New York winter. Literally, all you’ll ever need there to keep warm is a sweater! Creating a Fall collection was a challenge, but having been in New York for a couple of years now, I’m getting the hang of it.

Do you have any favorites from your first two collections? Things that are well-incorporated into your own wardrobe?
There are two from my Spring collection that I really love. There’s this metallic, oversized, striped jacket that I can wear with almost everything in my closet: over a cocktail dress, with nice shorts, everything. The other one is this watercolor-print ‘flounce’ dress. It’s just really figure-flattering and pretty, and something you can easily dress up or down.
One thing a lot of designers say is that once they discover there’s a business side to the industry, they lose some of their enthusiasm for the profession—has that happened to you yet?
Definitely. I mean, I used to think of fashion design as a kind of art project, all creativity and passion. I wasn’t thinking ‘big picture’ at all. Even though I decided against being a business major at USC [she ended up with a Gender Studies degree], I’ve found that I really enjoy that part of my job now. There are days when I get overwhelmed and pulled in different directions, but I find it empowering to be a part of the whole process, start to finish.
Your relationship with Kelly Cutrone is really endearing. She doesn’t like everyone, but you can tell she really likes you from the way she champions your career.
She is my mentor, for sure. I’ve known her for four years now, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support.
What has been the best piece of advice she’s given you?
That ‘no one gets anywhere by being average.’ She put it so simply, and it’s so true. Even if people don’t get you at first, she said, if you’re different and you’re doing something interesting, people will eventually see it. I think about that all the time while I design.
What part of the fashion design process do you think you’re strongest at? Where do you think you still need some improvement?
I know where I need to improve, and that’s focusing my ideas and creating a cohesive collection. I’m still learning right now. But you know, years down the road, I hope I’m still saying that. I want to always be learning. As for my strength…oh gosh. I guess that would be my dedication. I really do put everything, all my time into my work.
Which designers’ clothing do you like to mix with your pieces?
Definitely Alexander Wang. I love him. I really look up to him, actually. He’s got this awesome eye, and what he designs is just so different from everything else out there. I also think Moschino Cheap & Chic and Rachel Comey are really great. Oh, and vintage! I love incorporating vintage pieces with my own.
If you had $5K to spend anywhere in NYC, where would you go, and what would you buy first?
Oh my gosh...that’s so hard! I guess I’d go to Jeffrey. You know, this might surprise people, but what I really want and what I’m really working toward is a Chanel suit. I’d really like to have one that I could wear forever—a really classic one.

Ber om ursäkt för att intervuerna alltid e på engelska men är det något ni inte förstår så är det bara att säga till =)

Datum: 2010-05-13 Tid: 20:42:33
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Whitney för Rachel Roy

Whintey kommer style Rachel by Rachel Roy collectionen. Det hon gör att hon plockar ihop hela outfit's, sommar outfit's.

Datum: 2010-05-11 Tid: 12:50:18
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Whitney & Kelly ute i NYC

Filmningen av The City pågår hela tiden fastän säsongen är i full rullning. Här har ni bilder på när Whitney och Kelly var ute i SOHO den 5 Maj och spelade in lite scener för showen.

Vad tycker ni om dem nya säsongerna, vilken föredrar ni The Hills eller The City?

Datum: 2010-05-07 Tid: 14:24:49
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All About Whitney Port

MTV Shows

MTV Shows

MTV Shows

MTV Shows
Datum: 2010-04-28 Tid: 12:25:11
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Whitney : Wendy Williams Show

Datum: 2010-04-28 Tid: 12:21:54
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Tribeca Film Festival

Whitney och hennes Hunk Ben Nemtin var på Tribeca Film Festival i NY den 24 April. Paret var på "Sex & Drugs & Rock n' Roll" premiär som höll The Breslin.

Datum: 2010-04-26 Tid: 12:28:12
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Whitney blir författare!

Ja hon är en reality stjärna, och designer men det räcker inte för våran kära Whitney Port utan hon ska ta steget
längre och göra som hennes kollegor, jo skriva en egen bok. Företaget som ska publicera hennes bok säger detta om hur bokinehållet kommer att se ut:  

"conversational, fun, and candid guide for girls looking to start out [in life] with style,
 " the Whitney Eve designer plans to write personal stories, and advice for young women.

Whitney förklarar det så här!

"Being a twenty-something can be a difficult phase,"  "There are so many questions, and I wanted to write about my experiences for anyone who needs help navigating through life."
Among the topics to be covered? Getting rid of puffy eyes, dressing for a date, decorating a tiny apartment, and hosting killer parties.
: "It's a really fun and fresh how-to-guide where I can share anecdotes that I've learned from both work and my personal life."

Vad tycker ni! Kommer ni vilja läsa Whitneys bok? Jag kommer lätt göra det!

Datum: 2010-04-23 Tid: 13:55:16
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Whitney & Ben på Coachella

En bild på söta Whit och henns söta pojkvän Ben när dom var på Coachella festivalen.

Datum: 2010-04-22 Tid: 22:17:43
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Whitney : Coachella dag 3


WhitneyEVEport "Fueling up for day 3. So excited for miike snow, phoenix, gorillaz, and florence and the machine." about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter
WhitneyEVEport "Waiting for spoon to start!" 35 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Här har ni bilder från 3 dagen på Coachella. Coachella festivalen's biljetter är slutsålda i år och man kan inte verligen itne tycka det är konstigt. För det första så är det jätte många kändisar som är där under festivalen men sen även olika grupper som spelar bl.a B.O.B, Gorillaz, De La Soul, Julian Casablancas, Little Boots så inte konsitgt eller hur. Hade verkligen velat vara där, hade du?


Datum: 2010-04-19 Tid: 11:54:27
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Whitney: Coachella Dag 1 och 2

Whitney tweeted:
"I can't believe ruth's chris steak house has a booth at coachella! Would like a steak and some tylenol."


Datum: 2010-04-18 Tid: 15:15:01
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Whitney's nya favoritställe

whitneyEVEport: New favorite hobby: sharing jokes at coachella about 3 hours ago via UberTwitter

whitneyEVEport: Nothing better than getting braided at coachella http://tweetphoto.com/18728545 11:21 PM Apr 16th via UberTwitter

Nu vet ni vart ni ska leta för att träffa denna vackra donna, har ni också turen att vara på coachella? Annars får man försöka stöta ihop med vår favorit Whitney när/om man har turen att åka till new york. Eller om hon håller sig hemma i Kalifornien, man ska alltid hålla ögonen öppna.

Vem vill ni helst möta från the hills eller the city?!

Datum: 2010-04-18 Tid: 05:52:11
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Whitney : Americas Next Top Model

Whitney ska vara med i ANTM som startar snart i USA, här har ni en liten prewiev från det avsnittet.

Datum: 2010-04-17 Tid: 14:25:36
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