Stacie tweeted:
"Dinner with @kristincav then back to wango tango! What do u want from me??? Lovin adam lambert"

Kristin tweeted:
"@taylormosher @frankiedelgado @brodyjenner sluts"

Frankie tweeted:
"@KristinCav @BrodyJenner @taylormosher @stephaniepratt all of eating amazing food at Katsuya by SBE thanks @samnazarian"

Frankie tweeted:
"Justin beiver fever! @ wango tango with @BrodyJenner @taylormosher @whitneyEVEport @KristinCav @spencerpratt

Datum: 2010-05-16 Tid: 12:42:27
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Tjejerna umgås med varandra!

Stephanie twittrade: Hanging out w my favorite girls! Audrina and Lo :)

Datum: 2010-04-23 Tid: 13:42:42
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Twitter : Lauren, Whitney, Audrina & Stephanie

Lauren tweeted
"Just leaving a Habitat for Humanity build. Covered in Primer. Good day :-)"

Whitney tweeted:
"Nothing better than getting braided at coachella."

Stephanie :
"OMG just had a meeting w the designer Yana K - huge, exciting new things coming!!!! Tell u guys soon!!"'

Audrina och hennes pojkvän Chuy från Chelsea Lately.

Datum: 2010-04-17 Tid: 14:08:54
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Twitter : Lauren


Igår twittrade Lauren:
"Just filmed with Kathy Griffin for My Life on the D list. Fell in love with her mother... Think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

Det ska bli roligt att få se denna inspelningen. Kathy är grym hon

Datum: 2010-04-07 Tid: 19:02:53
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Jayde twittrade denna bilden från cancun.

Audrina : "At photoshoot for 6th season of the hill's!! Its a gorgeous day!!! We are shooting by the pool and I'm so tempted to go swimming"
Kristin"Getting touchups with @officialaudrina woohoo havin a great shoot"

CarleneKMakeup: tweeted "@KristinCav @JackKetsoyan, Marcus and Me today at the promo shoot for The Hills!!"
Kristin : "Going to bed...have to be up at 5:45 to shoot The Hills promo in front of a green screen on a harness on..woot woot!!! Gonna be fun!!"

Lo tweeted: "so excited to fly today (on a harness, ha)...ill twitpic a picture"
Kristin: "I'm flying!!!"

Stephanie tweeted: "Just wrapped the 2nd day of our season 6 Hills photo shoot!! Thanks traci + christopher! Xx"ste

Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 23:59:42
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The Hills & The City Twitter

Efter en fråga av en av mina läsare så har jag nu fixat länkar (twitter) till nästan alla The Hills & The City medlemar. Klicka på bilderna för att komma till personernas twitter.

Holly Montag arrives at the Star Magazine's First Annual Young Hollywood Issue at the Apple Lounge on March 11, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Holly Montag

Datum: 2010-03-14 Tid: 23:23:18
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Twitter: Stephanie & Jayde

Stephanie twittrade "Halfway dressed- 2 people were needed to lace me up in a corset!" och senare "Omg naked girls everywhere! I'm trying not to stare! Lol"

"Masqurade party @playboymasion"

Stephanie på Playboymansion's maskerad fest. Mer bilder kommer.

Jayde twittrade: "Happy bday finale dress -LUMEN nightclub in Chicago tonight :)"

Jayde när hon firade sin födelsedag i Cicago.

Datum: 2010-03-01 Tid: 11:18:07
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Samantha tweeted: "Laying on the beach in Miami w @jenamullen love her"

Kelly tweeted: "roxyolin callin the shots at davidelfin - tents bryant park y'all"

Datum: 2010-02-21 Tid: 23:42:20
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Whit och hennes systrar i Brentwood


Whitney's twitter: RT @haironthebrain: How To on my sister's hair from the Grammy Awards exclusively from hairstylist Jackie Braverman:
Datum: 2010-02-02 Tid: 23:16:15
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Twitter: Roxy

RoxyOlin "Yes u stepped it up and I'm vewwwy happy! RT @AlexLobel: @roxyolin i deserve a lot of those
Datum: 2010-01-28 Tid: 12:30:42
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Twitter: Stephanie

Zack tweeted "Saturday night w/ @stephaniepratt aka my little Voyeur vixen"

Stephanie Pratt: "Umm best night of MY life! RT @imsalmasekela: At Lake Show/Magic game with @jaonkennedy1, @stephaniepratt and @iambenylons1. Should be fun."

Datum: 2010-01-19 Tid: 13:15:44
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Twitter : Roxy & Whitney

Whitney tweeted: "Just wrapped my shoot for the march issue of z!nk magazine! Miami here I come!!" and "Aaah warmth and sun! With @roxyolin. Let's stay at the beach forever!"

Datum: 2010-01-17 Tid: 15:13:08
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RoxyOlin "Ohh ya RT @ClaireWinter: Dinnertime... & Rox's appetizer? GINGER @roxyolin @alexlobel"

Datum: 2010-01-11 Tid: 12:17:38
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Twitt Pics

ProphecyHipHop "@StephaniePratt wants you to try her new "Steph's Slumber Party" Shake a.k.a "The Comatose" at Millions of Milksh"

ProphecyHipHop "@JasonKennedy1 @StephaniePratt smile for cameras at Millions of Milkshakes"

Stephanies kompis Jordan Wagner twittrade: "Had the best milkshake w/ @JasonKennedy1 @Nkreiter @stephaniepratt @hardcoreheather"

Bilden är tagen på "Millions of Milkshakes" där stephanie närvarade för att dela ut sin egna milkshake "Stephs Slumber Party" med smak av chocklad/vanilj med kaksmulor i.

Lo twittered: "Today :)"

FrankieDelgado "RT @StacyKeibler: Me and my boy @frankiedelgado at Voyeur!! Good times :)"


StacyKeibler "Why @brodyjenner do we have so much fun??"


StacieHall "Xo"
Datum: 2010-01-10 Tid: 18:04:29
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Spencer tweeted: "@heidimontag you look so cute in your new monster truck!"


Datum: 2010-01-10 Tid: 00:04:29
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Steph tweeted: ""Headed downtown for a christmas party with 10,000 kids. Its going to be an amazing day-with a morning so blessed like this!"

"Volunteering at the Fred Jordan Mission"

"This was my little buddy Clayton! We asked his mom if I could babysit :) they were an amazing family!"

Whitney tweeted: All dressed up for belated hanukkah dinner!

Datum: 2009-12-21 Tid: 12:54:03
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Twitter NOH8

StacieHall "So fun!"

StacieHall "At marbella for the noh8 campaign! So fun"
Datum: 2009-12-15 Tid: 00:34:03
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StacieHall "No line at pinks hotdogs!!!!"

Frankie tweeted: "Check out my xmas tree!"

OfficialAudrina "My messy room BEFORE pic!!..."

OfficialAudrina "alright im determined to organize/clean my house..things r piled up:/ no going out until i finish!"
Datum: 2009-12-09 Tid: 13:26:14
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Lo tweeted earlier: "GIRLS NIGHT!"
Datum: 2009-12-06 Tid: 18:58:28
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Lo tweeted earlier: "GIRLS NIGHT!"
Datum: 2009-12-06 Tid: 18:58:27
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