Jayde twittrade denna bilden från cancun.

Audrina : "At photoshoot for 6th season of the hill's!! Its a gorgeous day!!! We are shooting by the pool and I'm so tempted to go swimming"
Kristin"Getting touchups with @officialaudrina woohoo havin a great shoot"

CarleneKMakeup: tweeted "@KristinCav @JackKetsoyan, Marcus and Me today at the promo shoot for The Hills!!"
Kristin : "Going to bed...have to be up at 5:45 to shoot The Hills promo in front of a green screen on a harness on..woot woot!!! Gonna be fun!!"

Lo tweeted: "so excited to fly today (on a harness, ha)...ill twitpic a picture"
Kristin: "I'm flying!!!"

Stephanie tweeted: "Just wrapped the 2nd day of our season 6 Hills photo shoot!! Thanks traci + christopher! Xx"ste

Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 23:59:42
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