Happy Thanksgiving !!

LoBosworth "Wishing you all happiness and health this Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble gobble."

RoxyOlin "Happy thanksgiving!"

Jayde_Nicole "thanks Chicago, u were fun but I can't wait to get home & have thanksgiving dinner w/my boy, his fam and my Mom too!! Today is awesome!"

LaurenConrad "My attempt at homemade pumpkin pie... Hope it tastes a little better than it looks :-/"

HeidiMontag "i am going to start prepping my First Big Thanksgiving Meal i am cooking if you have any good tips let me know hope @spencerpratt likes it!"

HeidiMontag "i feel so blessed and am so thankful - hope everyone is spending this holiday with loved ones xo"

RoxyOlin "What's one thing everyone is thankful for this year? I make a list every year and keep it in my wallet ..its a good reminder to smile
Datum: 2009-11-26 Tid: 18:58:24
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Jayde_Nicole "My Silver Starlette Uniform for the Troops!!"

HollyMontag "Not so photogenic...( ; thank you!xo RT @Challywood: http://twitpic.com/q4r9c - @HollyMontag last night at Boulevard 3"
Datum: 2009-11-20 Tid: 13:25:15
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Whitney Twittrar: "Working in the art room on my Shepard Fairey Love Unites poster!"

Jayde Twittrade "3 jager bottels later... We love u shrine!!!! Just wish u were open later haha"

Jayde Twittrar:"Hahhaha omg!!! Shine knows how to party!! Boston tomorrow night! ESTATE what!!???"

Jayde twittrade: "Haha our battle wounds from last night (Brit wipped out twice)ESTATE in Boston 2nite!! Let's c if u can out do SHRINE"

Datum: 2009-11-12 Tid: 00:23:57
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Brody twittrar om Clint Eastwood + Twitter Audrina

Brody Twittrade: "No way!!! Clint Eastwood just rolled into the bar that I am at!!!... He is a legend!!!!! I am tripping right now!!"

När han sedan la upp denna bilden så twittrade han "I had to do it!!!! Hahahaha I am so amped!!!!!!"

Audrina and Todd Potter

Audrina var på The FMX awards och twittrade från galan.

Audrina twittrade:"at the fmx awards!!!! with fam/friends watching mr. todd potter host, and supporting all our rider friends!!"
Datum: 2009-11-08 Tid: 14:43:43
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Lo tweeted: "Steph and I at @lxmpro party in manhattan beach xoxo"

Jayde tweeted: "Oohhh and btw I WON the poker tournament last night!! Here I am with my bracelet! First official in person WIN!! :)"

Heidi tweeted: "David Foster and me!!! LOVE HIM!!!!! Best concert ever! Happy bday David! Xo

Roxy tweeted: "Me and the parents @ din!"
Datum: 2009-11-07 Tid: 13:46:13
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The New BFF's

Det verkar som om Audrina & Heidi har hittat tillbaka till varandra. Dom två brukar vara av och på vänner. Men nu verkar det som om dom är tajta vänner igen.

Kika in deras twittring:

10/29 I LOVE @OfficialAudrina!
10/30 @OfficialAudrina we need to do the brunch/spa day at least once a week!! I love my Audrina time!!!! Best day ever!!! LOVE U!! xoxo!

10/26 just got done filming w/ @heidimontag and it was nice to catch up on and off cam!! shes always full of life and happiness
10/29 @heidimontag had so much fun today!!:) we'll have to do another pampering girls brunch/massage next week xoxo

Datum: 2009-10-31 Tid: 19:03:32
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Jayde Twittrade:BrodyJenner and his boys :) xx

Jayde twittrar:"In the limo on the way to the party... I love halloween!!"

Lo twittrade: "Witch"!

Roxy Twittrade:"Sooo fun! Were doing it again tom"

Roxy twittrade:A shot from My Picture shoot today

Datum: 2009-10-31 Tid: 18:49:08
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Twitter Spencer

Ser ni vad detta är? Det är inget mindre än 3000 bilagor av Playboy som Spencer har beställt hem.

Anledningen? Jo att Heidis cover i Playboy ska vara en succe, mne hur kan det vara det när Spencer själv slösat en massa pengar på tidningarna.

Detta twittrade Spencer tillsammans med den bilden: "This is what 3000 playboys look like"

Det paret är verkligen inte kloka! Eller vad tycker ni?
Datum: 2009-10-15 Tid: 20:07:59
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Audrina twittrade: keep seeing that i am “dating” derek white…. FALSE!!!! may look like that bc of “the hills” but im not! hes a longtime friend thats it!

Derek ska vara med i Audrinas nya show!
Datum: 2009-10-14 Tid: 14:07:26
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Lo Twittrade: "Moustachio Chloe-O"

Hunden på bilden är Chloe, Lauren's hund!


Datum: 2009-10-11 Tid: 13:40:15
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Brody twittrar

Check our this lobster I got out diving at 3am this morning... Insane!!
Datum: 2009-10-09 Tid: 13:21:19
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Stephanie twittrade: "Heidis bday party! Wonderland afterpartyyy!"

Stephanie twittrade: "Hot Chelle Rae music video shoot! We just wrapped! Yeppp I did a funny cameo in it hehe"




Datum: 2009-10-08 Tid: 13:16:17
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Lauren Twittrar

"Loey's B day weekend has begun!"
Lo, Lauren and several of their friends are all in Miami for the weekend

Datum: 2009-10-03 Tid: 23:47:52
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Lauren & Ken Paves.

Ken twittrade:Ken Paves twittered: "Mustache courtesy of best selling author @laurenconrad! Improvement from short brown wig we did."

Datum: 2009-10-01 Tid: 11:40:48
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Twitter Pic

Whitney twittrade: "confession... i am a compulsive Orbit gum chewer "
Datum: 2009-09-24 Tid: 14:53:54
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Twitter Stephanie

Stephanie twittrade: "Just bought audrinas gorgeous maxim cover in times square! Love u drina! Congrats!"

Vill ni se bilderna lite närmare från Audrinas Cover i Maxim KLICKA HÄR
Datum: 2009-09-22 Tid: 13:23:59
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Twitter Kanye & Taylor

Ingen har väl missat det som hände på The VMA's mellan Kanye & Taylor.

Våra The Hills medlemar Twittrade om det efter händelsen!

Lauren Conrad: “i heart Taylor Swift! Congrats! Well deserved :-)

Lo Bosworth: “WE LOOOOOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!! Wow, kanye-manners? My goodness.”

Stephanie Pratt: “The Hills loves Taylor swft… Congratulations babe!! We all support you! Love you!”

Holly Montag: “I hate Kanye how could you steal thunder from Taylor like that?!!! I have never been so appalled by such classless behavior”

Vad hade du Twittrat?

Datum: 2009-09-16 Tid: 12:55:28
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Twitter Holly & Stacie

Igår kväll twittrade Stacie: "I guess everyones right! I love new york"

En timma senare twittrade Holly: "We heart NY!!!"

The Hills gänget är i NYC för The Video Music Awards som är ikväll. Kika in på MTV kl 02:00 i natt där VMA sänds live. Ska ni kolla?
Datum: 2009-09-13 Tid: 16:56:42
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Lauren Twittrar

Hennes hund Chloe!

Lauren twittrade: "Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend!"

Datum: 2009-09-09 Tid: 16:49:25
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Stacie Twittrar: "Road trip to san diego with @hollymontag for some much needed R&R"

Stacie: "We just love each other"

Stacie: "Intervention in san diego with @hollymontag its about time for a intervention don't u think"

Stacie & Holly är dom nya BFF's i The Hills.
vad tycker ni om dom två?

Datum: 2009-09-08 Tid: 14:11:40
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