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Hi guys,
I hope you had a great and safe weekend despite all the crazy weather everywhere! Last week I had my Editor's Day for my clothing line, Whitney Eve. I am so appreciative and thankful for everyone who came out to see what my line is all about. Here is a video that I found of my interview with SELF Magazine's Fashion Assistant, Noelle Sciacca. We talked about my clothing line, working out, and what it was like working with Diane von Furstenberg. Check it out.


Den 10 December närvade Whitney Port På The Tacori Event i NYC. Det lanserades en collection av Paul Tacori.

Under mingelt så tog sig Whitney tid att göra en intervju här har ni en liten del av den:
StyleList: How did you become involved with TACORI?
Whitney Port: I love TACORI. I love their vintage, antique aesthetic.
SL: Which are your favorite pieces?
WP: I love all the turquoise... Aquamarine is my birthstone so I really love those pieces. The bright colors of the collection are great, especially for the holidays
and it's great that the pieces are so affordable!
SL: What is your favorite Holiday goodie?
WP: Peanut brittle.
Datum: 2009-12-15 Tid: 00:02:28
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