Fråga Audrina.

På grund av Audrinas stressiga scheman så hinner hon inte med frågor som kommer på twitter, men det stoppar henne inte från att vilja svara på fansens frågor. Så på sin hemsida meddelas detta: 

Here's your chance to get answers directly from me! I have such a busy schedule and I never get to respond to all of your tweets and lovely comments. How could I ignore the best fans a girl can have? So, ask me all your fashion, love and life questions directly! I will put aside time for my biggest fans here!

Några utav frågorna som har blibit besvarade.

Ashley Gaudet
hi im ashley i just wanted to say im a huge fan and LOVE the hills! i was just wondering whats the situaion with you and justin as of this point?? and do you still talk with lauren or whittney?

Hi Ashley, Thank you!:)...As far as justin goes, at this point we are not friends or anything. I saw whitney at the finale in ny and i love her!! it was nice catching up! As far as lauren unfortunatley i never see her or talk to her.

hello, audrina, i want to know how you are doing and how is corey? are you still together with him or are you with justin?

Hii I am doing well:) corey is traveling alot, we still stay in touch and are friends. I am not with justin!!

Sabrina Ramirez:
Hey audrina I was wondering how do I get a body like yours?

Hi Sabrina! I try to stay active all the time. I lift weights when I'm in front of the TV and vacuum in my heels! Be creative! I work out 30 minutes once a week on an elliptical and after I do squats. I eat what I want but in sensible portions. Doing all that makes me feel fresh and more energetic. Best wishes!

Na Ma:
Hi Audrina,Firstly, I'd like to say that your an amazing girl......I would like to know if you could please offer some health and fitness tips that have benefited you! Also some beauty advice in keeping fresh, blemish-free skin!Your advice will be much appreciated!

Eat in moderation and try to do cardio atleast 3 times a week!:) and wash face every day!

Förhoppningvis besvarade detta även några av era frågor och funderingar som ni har haft kring Audrina. Annars så får ni väl gå in på hennes hemsida och skriva just er fråga.
Datum: 2009-12-19 Tid: 04:12:53
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