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"Tonight is the premier of The Hills final season!
I'm so excited!!! I just saw the whole episode this yesterday morning and I can't wait to hear what you guys think of it! This past week has been packed full of places to be and things to do before the show airs tonight. But I did have the time to have an interview on KIIS FM On Air With Ryan Seacrest! Did you catch it this morning?
The interview was a lot of fun – except for the part of waking up early! Ryan Seacrest and I talked a little about what's going to be on the first episode. I gave a little sneak peak, but of course, please do watch it tonight! We also cleared up some rumors about The Hills and about my boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. Ellen K asked me if we are in love... And apparently Seacrest knows Ryan better than I do! The two of them go way back, and they have some pretty good drinking stories!

Click here to listen to the interview

Vill ni lyssna på intervju men Audrina klicka på den bloa texten.

Datum: 2010-04-29 Tid: 13:16:54
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