Jayde har gått vidare

Jayde tweeted:
"Me and my love Jesse Waits :) just to clarify lol he is my one and only xox"

Jayde tweeted:
"Me and my love Jesse Waits :) just to clarify lol he is my one and only xox"

Vem är nu denna Jesse??
Här är ett utdrag från Wikipedia på eng:

Jesse Waits is an American businessman involved in the nation's entertainment/nightclub scene. Waits is managing partner at XS nightclub inside Encore Las Vegas, Tryst nightclub inside Wynn Las Vegas, Drai's After Hours inside Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon, Botero restaurant inside Encore Las Vegas and Drai's Hollywood at the new W Hollywood hotel in Hollywood, Ca.
Waits has established himself as one of the most influential and powerful figures on the national nightlife scene.
Waits has been honored with several accolades. Professionally, Waits has guided XS, Tryst and Drai's to multiple awards, including XS nightclub's No. 1 ranking in this year's Top 100 ranking on the Nightclub & Bar Magazine's annual list. Tryst, ranked No. 2 ranking in last year's Top 100 poll, was No. 5 this year. Drai's After Hours placed No. 16 in the same ranking this year, up an impressive six spots from last year's No. 22 position.
XS nightclub also took home the Mega-Club of the Year award, as well as the New Club of the Year honor in the Nightclub & Bar magazine competition.
Waits, his identical twin brother, Cy Waits, and nightlife impresario Victor Drai received the ultimate honor in 2009 when they were named Operators of the Year at the Nightclub & Bar magazine's convention.

Grattis till Jayde hoppas dem e lyckliga!

Datum: 2010-04-15 Tid: 12:03:17
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