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As a fan of Roberta Freymann’s signature necklaces, what in particular do you admire most about her jewelry?

Olivia Palermo: I love her use of vibrant color and detail in the beads. Working in a magazine you always look for a signature piece to stand out, hers are perfect. Actually, it was my mother who introduced me to her designs in the first place, she gave me one of her necklaces as a gift and I fell in love.

What made you decide to do the collaboration with Roberta Freymann?

I had been searching around to team up with a designer for a while to get my creative side out there. I always wanted to do some sort of collaboration. In this case, Roberta actually approached me. It was fantastic!

Did you have a set design in mind going into it or did the concept develop organically?

It was just that. Everything developed organically.

How did you managed to keep your Olivia touch while still holding true to Roberta’s signature designs?

Being collaboration, I had to stay true to her type of style. I incorporated my touch with the placement of beads, bib style and color choices.

You are always seen wearing amazing accessories to complement your outfits. In your opinion what are the best jewelry investment pieces every woman should have?

It has to be something you can grow into. Something you can have forever not just a trend piece. Sometimes it’s expensive but if you can wear it the rest of your life, that’s an investment in itself.

Do you have a piece you never leave home without?

My watch! You always need to know what time it is.

Can we expect collaborations from Olivia Palermo in the future?

You know, I’m always open-minded. I would love to continue.

Vad tycker ni, något ni hade kunnat bära?

Datum: 2010-04-01 Tid: 12:38:05
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