Audrina bloggar om Miami

Audrina blogged:
More photos from my super bowl weekend – just like I promised~! A little late, but still here! Now that I think about it, I've been all over the place lately! I was in Florida for the Super Bowl, Maxim 2010 Party, ESPN's Next Event then there was a point when I was going back and forth from New York and New Jersey a couple of times and now I'm Las Vegas! I'm so much closer to home! Yet so far away! Can’t wait to hit the beaches! I hope I come back to CA in time before it starts raining again!!
Here are photos of me and the girls partying it up!!
Xoxo Audrina

Love these!!
Datum: 2010-02-18 Tid: 23:50:10
Audrina Patridge. Permalink


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