"Kell on Earth" Prewiew

Här har ni lite info på medlemarna i Kelly's show (dom som jobbar för henne)
Det sägs att det kommer bli en show fylld med drama. Kommer ni kolla på showen?


Andrew Mukamal is the newest addition to the Cutrone team. Inside his goth exterior is said to be a vast amount of fashion knowledge, making him an asset to People’s Rev. Like Whitney, he doesn’t yearn to be a part of the PR world long term; instead, he’s looking towards the world of fashion styling. The other employees at People’s Rev count on him as an ally and “sounding board.”

Stefanie Skinner, was replaced by Andrew when Kelly promoted her to Junior Executive. We’ll see Stefanie struggle to balance her professional and personal lives successfully. This isn’t her first go-around with Kelly though. In fact, she’s quit the firm once before due to the super fast-paced environment and long hours. But when the pressure is on, Stefanie pulls through for the team.

Emily Bungert is one of the partners at People’s Revolution, and isn’t afraid to say what she’s thinking (much like Kelly). Her “assertive approach to work” has not only put her head-to-head with some of the employees, it’s made her a top notch publicist. She’s recently taken on the role as a dream killer, when Kelly passed on the privilege position as “head of the firing squad.” It’s rumored she’s actually a “softie,” but from her outspoken ways on the show it’s hard to tell.

Robyn Berkley, is at the heart of People’s Revolution and referred to by Kelly as “wife” or “sister.” As Kelly drives the business forward, Robyn holds it together. Her pale complexion, dark hair, and stern attitude have earned her the nick name “Snow White with Razor Blades.” There’s no doubt she is one fierce PR professional. And due to a stalker situation, she not only works at People’s Rev, but is also sleeping there! We wonder if she’s ever able to take a break from work

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