Lauren är verkligen älskad!

Lauren har haft väldigt många upp och ner gångar när det gäller vänner. Men hon har en vän som hon alltid kan lita på. Lauren har nämligen dedikerat hennes senaste bok , Sweet Little Lies: An L.A. Candy Novel,till hennes vän Sophia.(varit med i The Hills inann)
Detta skrev Lauren till Sophia:

To my dear friend Sophia.  Your friendship and support have meant so much to me.  I love you, big sister.

 Sophias blogg: Sophia skrev ett inlägg till Lauren i hennes blogg. Verkligen jätte fint och kul att dom fortfarande är vänner. Önskar man hade en vän som henne.

Today is Lauren Conrad’s birthday and I wanted to share the reasons why I love her. FOr the past 6 years we have managed to turn our working relationship into sisterhood and I am thankful everyday for this. Lauren has the best spirit and biggest heart. I will always remember traveling together , spending long hours laughing and even crying. Happy Birthday my little sister..


1. Lauren can curl her hair in less then 10 mins unless you fight with her and she will tell you it takes her 30 mins
2. Lauren is my favorite hiking partner, she will even laugh at you when you slide down the hill.
3. Lauren is the most LOYAL and GENEROUS to her friends. She loves them with all her heart and it’s truly sweet to see.
4. Lauren is really competitive and pretty much good at most things. Especially when I would make her be my assistant on her own show.
5. Lauren has a skill set where she can come up with great names for characters and can tell a great story..

I know Lauren is my little sister and a true friend, because I can be silent around her and even be moody. Thats real love.

Datum: 2010-02-08 Tid: 12:53:07
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