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As some of you may know, I teamed up with mark to launch the m.powerment by mark campaign in fall of 2008. The foundation was created to help educate young women about abusive relationships and how to seek help. It has reaised over $400,000.00 to date.
I have helped to create the mark "Have A Heart Necklace" and the new "Have A Heart Bracelet." These make great gifts!
Also, with the help of my makeujp artist Amy Nadine, I created two lip-glosses, the m.powerment gold and m.powerment peach shades. I love to wear the gold gloss over my lipstick to add shine or on bare lips.
To find out more, go to
Pick up the necklace for $22, bracelet for $12 and lip gloss for $6.
100% of the net proceeds will be donated to m.powerment by mark.


Credit: Lauren Conrad's Myspace Page
Datum: 2010-02-17 Tid: 12:56:00
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