Mer bilder från Audrinas Photoshoot

Audrina blogged:
February is such a crazy month! I mean this past weekend was full of so many fun events! The Winter Olympics have started, some people are celebrating New Years, and it was Valentine's Day yesterday! Today, it's president's day. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras! Then it’s Ash Wednesday! I'm sure I'm forgetting some events – there's just too many! So many reasons to celebrate! And so many things to do!
I've been so busy but I managed to do a photo shoot awhile back. Here are more photos from my photo shoot that I started posting last week by Andrew Matusik.
What are you celebrating? :)
Xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-02-16 Tid: 17:57:55
Audrina Patridge. Permalink


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