Värsta Alla Hjärtans Dag

Stjärnorna får alltid killarna på tv, men det är inte alltid det är så i verkligen livet. Här har ni berättelse från Bla Lauren om hennes värsta Alla hjärtans dag.
Lauren Conrad
"In high school, I remember me and my friend were dating best friends and we went to a restaurant and we decorated the table and had presents waiting and had them meet us there on Valentine's Day and my date showed up drunk! I was really bummed. I put hours of work into it and he showed up drunk."
Jessica Biel
"In fourth grade, I made the big huge card for a boy. I found it in the trash later in the day. It's cool. It's fine. I feel like I am better for it…not that I'm still thinking about it or anything."
Hayden Panettiere
"I went through a bad breakup and spent the day at a restaurant called Birds, where they had an anti-Valentine's Day party. You can hang up notes like I HATE HIM or HE WAS MEAN TO MY DOG and make a voodoo doll out of your ex and poke it."

Datum: 2010-02-14 Tid: 13:46:12
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