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Hi Everyone!

I've got baby names on the mind! It seems like people are talking about name ideas for everything all around me. Apparently, my name is on the rise in popularity for baby names in 2009. Growing up, I didn't really know anyone else with my first name. Now it's becoming really popular! People are naming their pets Audrina, I'm seeing dresses and shoes named Audrina! It's really wild! I'm sure a lot of it is just a coincidence -- but it's still really cool! I have my parents to thank for being so creative in giving me such a great name! :)

Look at all the fun stuff I found named Audrina:
Audrina Bias-Plaid Shirt from Delia's
Audrina Sneakers from Coach
Andrew Marc Audrina Hand Bag
My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews (this book predates me a couple of years)

What kinds of things are named after you?
xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-01-12 Tid: 13:55:57
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