Audrina Bloggar: 2010 Underwear as Outwear

I'm really loving the fashion trends for 2010! Seeing bold and bright colors is really refreshing! One trend that's always been on the runway and not so much on the street since the 80s is underwear as outerwear! It has really been on the rise as of late, and I think this is the year where the style will be perfected! Balance is very important to this trend! You don't want to look too outrageous. Subtlety is key!

Corsets, sheer tops, lingerie and slips, lace, thigh highs, one piece body suits, garters, camisoles, bras.

nipple covers, pantless...I'm sure I am forgetting some, but I know you guys can help add to the list!

Also don’t forget to accessorize! You gotta dress up the style -- don't just prance out in your underwear alone! I'm not sure if I would follow this trend, but I do love daring fashion risks! What do you think? Would you wear it?

Speaking of undergarments and slips – just added a small section to my fashion page – my underwear picks! Check them out here!

xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-01-14 Tid: 13:20:45
Audrina Patridge. Permalink


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