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Audrina bloggade:
"What a weekend!
I really got a lot done! I did almost everything that I had planned to do! We filmed for my show – and got to film with the fam <3! You'll get a good glimpse of my life at home with my family! I have the best time when I'm with them! I’m really excited to see the show come together! It’s totally different from what's out there.
On Saturday, my friends and family got together and we all went to Angel Stadium for supercross!! On Sunday, we all went cosmic bowling and I bowled a turkey ;) !! – that's three strikes in a row! Are you guys good at bowling? Topped the night off with some late night food, football and drinks! :)
Allssooo! Just got my hands on more pics from Cabo~! Better late than never! In these pics you can see my family and all the friends I made!"
Xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-01-26 Tid: 23:48:21
Audrina Patridge. Permalink


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