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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve! I sure did! Hello 2010! Goodbye 2009 – you were good to me, but I'm ready for bigger and better things! Did you make any new year resolutions?

I did! Usually, I'm not very good at keeping my new year's resolution, but here are my resolutions from last year. Let's examine how well I did!

1. Be more punctual. (Not perfect, but getting better!)
2. Make more time for myself. (I could always use more of that!)
3. Read at least one new book a month. (So far so good!)
4. Learn a foreign language (I hear the best way to do so is by submerging yourself entirely and definitely getting Rosetta Stone! haha). (I got Rosetta Stone, but haven’t made too much progress yet!)
5. Visit three of the seven continents and contribute in a charitable way. (I haven’t done much traveling outside of North America in 2009, but I have gotten more involved with charities!)

This year is going to be big! So I'm still making my resolutions for 2010. I'm also still coming down from my vacation high -- so I'll post them when the list is complete!

Xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-01-06 Tid: 01:15:10
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