Snyggaste reality stjärnorna

50. Audrina Patridge [The Hills]
She spent most of her time on The Hills chasing after her dirt-bag boyfriend Justin Bobby, but Audrina's bionic bikini body might be the show's best. Our suspicions were confirmed in 2008 when multiple nude shoots "accidentally" leaked to the Internet. So, seriously, why is Heidi the only one with a Playboy cover? Maybe Hef can make it happen for AP when her solo reality show debuts in 2010.
49. Ana Murillo [Police Women of Broward County]
48. Holly Madison [The Girls Next Door]
47. Julianne Hough [Dancing with the Stars]
46. Arissa Hill [The Real World: Las Vegas]
45. Jacinda Barrett [The Real World: London]
44. Jenn Pinto [Viva Hollywood!]
43. Melissa Rycroft [The Bachelorette]
42. Monica "Danger" Leon [For the Love of Ray J: Season 1]
41. Ashlie Grey [Harlem Heights]
40. Laeticia "Misfit" Guzman [ego trip: The White Rapper Show]
39. Angela "Myammee" Pitts [Flavor of Love: Season 3]
38. Hilary Cruz [Pageant Place]
37. Brooke Crittendon [Harlem Heights]
36. Amber Brkich [Survivor Season 2: The Australian Outback]
35. Arika Sato [Paris Hilton's My New BFF: Season 2]
34. Cara Zavaleta [Road Rules: South Pacific]
33. Joanna Botta [The Real World: Austin]
32. Connie "Mz. Berry" Deaveaux [For the Love of Ray J: Season 2]
31. Lauren Conrad [Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County/The Hills]
The good girl who pretty much stayed good parlayed her way from Cali to NYC and landed an internship at Teen Vogue. Which, if you're gorgeous and rich, isn't that difficult a feat.
30. Elizabeth "Caviar" Ahmed [For the Love of Ray J: Season 1]
29. Chandra "Deelishis" Davis [Flavor of Love: Season 2]
28. Jo De La Rosa [Real Housewives of Orange County]
27. Whitney Port [The Hills/The City]
26. Veronica Portillo [Road Rules: Semester at Sea]
25. Cher Tenbush [Beauty and the Geek]
24. Kat Von D [Miami Ink]
23. Camila Alves [Shear Genius]
22. Elle "Luscious" Navarro [For the Love of Ray J: Season 2]
21. Katharine McPhee [American Idol: Season 5]
20. Lisa Wu Hartwell [The Real Housewives of Atlanta]
19. Rachel Smith [Pageant Place]
18. Christa "Chardonnay" Nolley [For the Love of Ray J: Season 1]
17. Melissa Smith [Making the Band 3 / Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For the Next Doll]
16. Sara Racey Tabrizi [America's Next Top Model Cycle 2]
15. Vanessa Simmons [Run's House / Daddy's Girls]
14. Leah "Cashmere" Minor [For the Love of Ray J]
13. Coral Smith [The Real World: Back to New York]
12. Carrie Underwood [American Idol: Season 4]
11. Sarah Larson [Fear Factor]
10. Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander [Flavor of Love/I Love Money]
9. Kourtney Kardashian [Keeping Up With the Kardashians]
8. Adrienne Curry [American's Next Top Model: Season 1/The Surreal Life/My Fair Brady]
7. Kristin Cavallari [Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County/The Hills]
An original member of the Laguna Beach cast when she was a 17-year-old high school junior, K.C. was the first person to beef with one Lauren Conrad (well, the first to do so on M-T-muthaeffin'-V, that is). Kristen missed out when L.C. hit the vapidosphere with The Hills, but now, in a cruel/delicious/completely irrelevant twist of fate, Kristin's on Lauren's spin-off show, and Lauren's not. Folks, this is why people hate America. Well, that and our Muslim president.
6. Eva Pigford [America's Next Top Model: Cycle 3]
5. Irulan Wilson [The Real World: Las Vegas]
4. Leona Lewis [The X Factor: Season 3]
3. Nicole Scherzinger [Popstars]
2. Jamie Chung [The Real World: San Diego]
1. Aubrey O'Day [Making the Band 3]

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