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Hi dearies!
I have spent the last few weeks in LA and am back in NY now. We are so spoiled on the west coast with 70 degree weather in January! so crazy, but I love it. Now that I am back in NY I realize that the winter really does exist! I made a list of my winter essentials, but am fairly new to this. Any suggestions for me?

1. Cashmere accesories: socks, scarves, hats
2. Fingerless gloves- so you can still be productive while staying warm
3. Stockings/tights under everything
4. Ear muffs if you don't want to wear a hat and mess with your hair
5. Layer tops- start with tanks, then long sleeve, then sweater, then thick down jacket!


Datum: 2010-01-10 Tid: 18:28:40
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