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Whitney's Blog: BH Nails Saved The Day


Beverly Hills Nail Design saved the day on Saturday! As my siblings and I made our way around LA trying to complete our list of things to do for the scavenger hunt, BH Nails came to be our one stop shop! I think we crossed off about five things after leaving there! Not only did they let us each paint our nails ten different colors, but they also helped me Saran Wrap my torso. One of the nice ladies even let Paigey and I sandwich her with a big hug! Thanks for all your help Beverly Hills Nails!!!


Whitney's Blog: My Hair & Make-Up Routine


Hi dearies!!
I just came across an issue of Life & Style from Magazine from two weeks ago and found this awesome write up they did about my hair and makeup routine. I posted about this recently but here is a more consolidated version. I cannot live without my Finer Skin Institute Products and Enjoy Shampoo!


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Datum: 2010-01-28 Tid: 03:47:56
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