Whitney & Roxy i Miami

Whitney bloggade om din tid i Miami 
Hi loves,
Back to the cold... Yuck.... But I was able to thoroughly enjoy the sun and beach this weekend! Rox, my friend Jon and I escaped the cold and though ran into some travel obstacles made it to Miami in one piece. Saturday was the most gorgeous day, we laid out, went for a long walk on the beach, worked out, and then got ready to hit the town.
We went to most amazing restaurant called scarpetta which has a location in New York right near where I live which is so super exciting because it is soooo yummy. The chef is always on the Food Network, quite possibly a judge multiple times on Top Chef. We then ventured into liv where rox and I had a MAJOR dance party!!! Was sooooo fun. Sunday was a rainy day so we just chilled, did a little shopping , went to a yummy dinner at Prime Italian and then came back to the hotel to watch rox on Brothers and Sisters, which was amazing, right???
All in all an amazing trip, every second more I spend with rox is more I realize how loyal and wonderful of a friend she is.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has an even more wonderful work week!! Let's make it count.
Datum: 2010-01-21 Tid: 18:44:41
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