Whitney Värdinna på LG

Whitney var värdinna på LG den 7/1. 

Whitney bloggade om kvällen: 
"Hey lovies,
Last night I co-hosted a launch party with Brooke Shields for the new LG Lotus phone. It was on the top floor of the Palms Place in the Maloof Brother's private penthouse! It was so great to have my family there with me. My cousin Jackie lives in Las Vegas and is a professional hairstylist so of course I had her style my hair for the event. My dress was vintage white silk and lace so we decided to go with a retro look! If you are ever in Vegas or even live there and need your hair styled, cut, highlighted, etc. Jackie is the person for the job!!! To contact Jackie email her at jacksterb72@yahoo.com. Enjoy the pics!
What did you think of my hair do?"
Datum: 2010-01-09 Tid: 23:49:52
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