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Try to get a hold of FHM UK but if you can't, here's a part of my interview:

So, come on Audrina, how much of The Hills is fake?
I get this question a lot. It's very manipulative and very guided. They tell us, "Okay, you're filming Thursday night at this club at this time, so show up." And you don't really know who is going to be there, or what they're up to, so you show up and last season Kristin would be there wanting to fight me. And you'd try and have a good time, and I would be like, "I don't want to fight you," and just leave.

When it comes to boyfriends, how do you know if a bloke really fancies you or just wants to be in the show?
It makes it hard to date in Hollywood. I get all these aspiring actors coming up to me with all these crazy story lines about them and their friends. With a lot of men, Hollywood blows their heads up and changes them as a person. Now it's at the point if I meet someone I like I don’t bring them anywhere near the show.

If you want to add an 'international element' to the show then there's a few chaps in our office who'd be happy to take you out.
I'll keep that in mind. It's good to have options.

Are you a big practical joker?
The only thing I've done like that is shave Lauren Conra's cat. We were living together and I kept getting sick and I didn't know what was wrong with me. So I went to the doctor and he made it clear I was severely allergic to cats. Lauren's cat was very hairy – it would have dingleberrys near its bottom – and it would run on the counters and jump on the beds. I took it to a professional cat haircutters and they shaved him like a lion, short hair all over then a big furry head. Lauren hated it at first. She freaked out.

How often do people mistakenly call you 'Partridge'?
Oh, all the time. In fact, most people call me Adriana Partridge. But I don't like to correct people as I'm not offended by it and I don't want them to be upset at their faux pas. My ancestors probably were called Partridge and somewhere along the line it got changed.

Here in the UK you have a popular 'almost namesake' in Alan Partridge. Have you heard of him?
No. Who's that? I want to meet him, I wonder if we're somehow related?

Unlikely, he's a fictional character. What's the biggest lie you've read about yourself?
Right now there's a lie going around that I said I want to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to Johnny Depp and James Dean and that I deserved to be there. I never said that! You have to earn those and I'm not even a quarter of a way there. Oh, and apparently I'm carrying someone's sugar baby. I don't even know what a sugar baby is! Do I look pregnant? Oh, and apparently I'm also dating my brother. I was snapped out to lunch with him and they didn't know who he was and said it was my new boyfriend. I was like. "Ew..."

This is exactly why you should come to London. You won't get papped as much.
Well, it's definitely in the back of my mind. Must go to London... go to London.

What's the worst thing you've seen on the internet?
I used to go on blogs all the time and read the comments people leave but I don't any more as people are so ruthless and mean. They pick me apart - you know, how I look, how I dress and who I'm friends with. But you can't let this stuff get to you.

We've also noticed there’s some old nude pictures of you...
They don't bother me any more, though it is harder to get endorsements as you need to have a clean image and those pictures have kind of ruined that. But they're never going to go away, are they? I'm not ashamed of them but I wish they would have never come out.

You're working on your own spin-off show. Any idea what it's going to be called?
I just got an email from the producers and they're putting together the pilot and asking for names. Something that will stick. So if you can think of anything let me know.

How about 'A Patridge In a Pear Tree?'
That would be cool. 'The Audrina Show' is the working title, but now we have your suggestion, we'll see. After The Hills I wanted to just go to film auditions but from all the emails I get, people seem to want to see my real life, and want to know about my family, my real friends and what they see in the tabloids - they want to see the paparazzi, the auditions, red carpet event - and The Hills doesn't show any of that. It's my life outside of the show's bubble.

You starred in Sorority Row. Did you have a wild college experience?
I only went for half a semester as I was also going to night school and auditions in LA. But the fraternity parties were crazy, just like the movies - beer bongs, blasting music, a million people crammed into the house, people crying, people having sex. It's crazy.

Were you a cheerleader?
I wasn't, no. I was on the swim team. I tried water polo as well but that was pretty brutal, you're basicall just fighting under water. You get your bathing suit ripped off and you end up having to wear two or three on top of each other. But it gave me a lot of earaches and I missed school for a month and a half. My ears were so bad. I still have problems to this day.

Pardon? Sorry. You also filmed Into The Blue 2. Was that lots of running around in bikinis?
We filmed in Hawaii, I played the bitchy girlfriend who catches her boyfriend flirting with other girls. There's lots of scuba diving, beach volleyball, bad guys, good guys, it's very sexy. There's lots of sex and lots of boobs, but I didn't get to do any of that - the other hot girls in the movie did, I did have to do a 'make out' scene though. It's so awkward as you have all these people behind the camera, and it's really quiet and you're making out. And then they go, "Can you moan a little bit?" which makes it even weirder. It was the longest I've kissed a guy in ages - it was good practice.

Did you mind being filmed in a bikini?
I was always at the beach when I was growing up, so when I came to Hollywodd I didn't think anything of it. Other girls I know are self-conscious about their body but I'm really not. I don't think about my flaws or that there are guys looking at me.

Would you do nude scenes?
If I was passionate about the script and the scene was there in order to make the character believable then I would do it. If it was just a flash of a booty here and a bit of boob there then fine, but anything too intense and I probably wouldn't do it.

What's the worst thing you’ve ever eaten?
Snails. They’re disgusting. It was at a restaurant and my dad ordered them, I'll try anything but they tasted like garlicky rubber and then all I could think about was having a creepy crawly in my mouth and I had to spit it out.

We've started the voting for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World. Who would you like to be number one?
I love Mila Kunis, she's very exotic looking. She did a spoof of me on the Funny Or Die website. We do voiceovers at the same place in LA and I ran into her and we just busted up laughing. She was apologizing and I was like, "I don't care! I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I'm glad they got you to play me."

There's more in the April issue of FHM UK here! Check out my photo shoot here!

Xoxo Audrina
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