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I'm on the cover of Cliq Magazine! Written by college students for college students, Cliq magazine is a college lifestyle online publication that caters to all things current. The interview was really fun! I spoke with the lovely Kristen Fogle of Cliq Magazine right in her kitchen. You probably have seen her kitchen before - it was the setting of my photo shoot for Maxim’s October issue of last year!
Here's a snippet of our interview!
If you couldn't be in the entertainment industry anymore, what would you be doing?
I have always wanted to study Psychology – to learn what prompts specific behavior and explore theories about why people are the way they are. I think it'd be fascinating to be a therapist, or even a lifecoach … I am also a HUGE music fan, and I love going to see indie bands play. I think I would be a great A and R executive at a music label – discovering new talent etc…
I could see that. But since you are in entertainment business, we're dying to know, what can we expect from the new season of The Hills?
This season is going to very interesting! I can tell you that a lot of the angst and drama between me and Kristin Cavallari will be resolved. There may be a new love interest on the horizon for me, too! Obviously Heidi and Spencer have had some dramatic changes recently, so you will see them dealing with the aftermath. You'll see Brady as a single guy. (Watch out ladies!).
Cliq caters to college students. What advice can you give to those that aspire to act of model? What’s a good first step?
I always encourage people to pursue their dreams. If you are currently enrolled in school get as much training and practice as you can by taking theater classes. Take advantage of the amazing teachers and coaches available to you. If you can try out for a school production, do it! I am definitely working to improve my skills. If you want to seek representation, just make sure you aren’t paying anyone! There are a lot scams out there, but real representatives won’t charge you to “get your foot in the door.” Also, a lot of people get overly made up for their first headshots. The truth is, you should be as natural as possible and just wear something really simple and basic like a black t-shirt and jeans.
xoxo Audrina
Datum: 2010-03-18 Tid: 23:34:18
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