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Audrina bloggar:
I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair. So I'd like to address some of those questions here! I feel my hair is usually my biggest flaw! So thank you so much for all your sweet compliments! Brightens up my day! I can do my own makeup but when it comes to my hair, I usually put a wave in it, put it up in a pony tail or clip it half way back! I don't own a hair straightener. My hair is actually naturally super straight! I wish I had wavy hair!
I'm also naturally a dirty blonde. My eyes are hazel, but at times look brown, amber or green. So when it comes to coloring my hair, I sometimes go dark which brings out the green. But I tend to not ask for a specific color – I like honey tones. If you're looking to change your hair color, but don't know what to pick, tell your colorist to go with a hue that compliments your skin tone.
One of my favorite hair products is Moroccan oil! Moroccan Oil is a miracle product for all hair types especially for anyone who overstyles their hair – like myself. It tames frizzes, keeps hair soft and draws out the natural shine. Leaving no greasy feeling and a nice light scent.

Datum: 2010-03-28 Tid: 23:47:26
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