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The dress is Topshop, the jacket is by Chick With Guns—sounds pretty badass!—and my boots are CO-OP from Barneys.
FASHION PHILOSOPHY: I love dressing girlie, but I also like masculine things, so lately I've been trying to combine the two. That's what this outfit is today.
THE JEG IS UP!: Jeggings—the jean leggings—are a fantastic way to look chic when it's cold or raining. I love to wear a big, oversized cashmere sweater with my Seven jeggings and my high Louboutin boots.
BEAUTY MUST-HAVE: I love Lancôme's La Laque Fever lip gloss in Cyber Coral. It's more than lip gloss. It's actual color, too. It's like lipstick with gloss in one.
JEWELRY TIP: If you have on a really amazing outfit, you don't need much jewelry. A lot of people make the mistake of wearing earrings, a ring, a necklace

Datum: 2010-03-01 Tid: 11:12:30
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