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I Used to be Anti-Walking!!


Hi guys,
So I was on the phone with my mom and sister yesterday and while we were talking they saw a little girl in a stroller who was clearly way too old for it! This immediately reminded us all of when I was a younger.  My mom said that I used to hate to walk and so I would sit on Paige's lap while she was being pushed in the stroller! Hahaha, sorry Paige! It's funny to think about because now I love to walk.  No matter where or when you can always find me walking the streets in LA and NY.  
Look at how funny this picture is of me in this stroller-cart! I guess I was too busy eating my chocolate bar to even think about walking!


P.S. Checkout my snazzy shoes and top! haha

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whitneyEVEport How amazing is this picture??? http://bit.ly/cykaGq 
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Datum: 2010-03-01 Tid: 21:24:12
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