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I spoke with Shauna Bass from OK! Magazine to clear up some recent rumors. Here is a snippet of our interview:

So, how did you feel when you saw that fake tabloid headline?
What really hurt me was the title – because I have not been destroyed by fame whatsoever. So, when I saw the magazine, I was like, "What?" Sure, the show has brought fame into my life, and I'm grateful. I've met so many talented people; I get to be part of so many award presentations and other events. It's so much fun. Of course, fame has its up and downs, but at the end of the day, I know who I am. My family and friends tell me I haven’t changed a bit.

That cover story also mentioned drugs; casual readers could take it to mean you’re a user.
No, I don’t do drugs.

It really does seem like you're grounded.
I have my crazy L.A. life, but as soon as the cameras are done, I go back to my real, balanced life. When I’m done filming a scene, I always call my mom or my sister and vent, or just talk. I'm very close to my family; I speak to my parents two or three times a day.

The interview was short I got a chance to clear the air about any rumors – please pick up an issue to read the rest! We talk about Spencer’s twitter, Heidi’s surgeries and about Justin Bobby and Ryan.

How do you deal with rumors?

Xoxo Audrina
Datum: 2010-05-13 Tid: 20:47:01
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