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Hello everyone!
"I hope you caught last night's episode of The Daily 10 on E! - I was invited to be a guest! I had a little one-on-one sesh with Sal Masekela the host of The Daily 10. He cut to the chase and asked about all the hard hitting drama on the first episode of The Hills – about Kristin's supposed drug addiction, having Ryan join me on the show and Heidi's new look. He also asked me if I would pull a move like Heidi’s and get 10 procedures in one day. I told him no way!! I will definitely pass on that! And thanks to The Daily 10, Sal showed me the cutest video! I guess it's making its rounds on all the blogs – but last night was the first time I saw "Kids Reenact: MTV's The Hills! The little girl that plays me is adorable!"
xoxo Audrina

Datum: 2010-05-01 Tid: 22:03:19
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